Monday, February 15, 2010

Destination Week!!

So at the request of my good friend Leah, I'm going to be doing some fun stuff on destination weddings.  The more I looked into it, the more I realized there are so many different directions you can go and so many different options.  So I'm going to try and show you some of your different options (although I probably won't even scratch the surface) with my first being on lavish, tropical destinations.

Grand Old House ~ Grand Cayman
The first one I want to share with you is on Grand Cayman, and I chose this for two reasons.  The first being that I wanted to find something on the Cayman Islands because of Leah....being that she asked me to do this I wanted to do something that reminded me of her (I remember her going on a vacation there and loving it).  Then when I came across this specific place, I thought it was something a little different than your typical beach wedding, which I like.  It's a restaurant called Grand Old House and it's right on the beach.  What makes it different for me is that you can still have the amazing, tropical back drop but also have this traditional and elegant setting.  I suppose it's a little hard to explain, so check out the website for photos and more info.  One negative that you might find with this one is that it is just a restaurant so you would have to find a different place to stay, where as with resorts you can usually do the whole package.

Turtle Bay Resort ~ Oahu, Hawaii

Okay so I had to do one in Hawaii.  I have never been there, but when I think tropical destination wedding I think Hawaii.  I chose this particular resort because I personally know someone who has stayed there and said it was just perfect and it was also the setting for one of my favorite movies...Forgetting Sarah Marshall :)  Having your wedding at the Turtle Bay Resort means having the total package.  They have several different options for location all throughout the resort, an amazing menu for catering, your very own team of experts helping you along the way, and different packages made to meet your individual needs.  Check out the website for all the details.

Likuliku Lagoon ~ Fiji

I also wanted to do one that was absolutely exotic.  This location would not be for a larger group of guests.  Probably the more intimate the better, and I'm not going to lie, probably most of your guests wouldn't be able to afford it anyway.  This place is ridiculously expensive....but if you have the money then this place would be amazing.  I don't know how much it would help, but they do have a special right now when you book a 5 night stay they throw in their wedding package for free.  Check it out

I could probably keep going and going on places like these, but I'm going to move on.  There will be more to come on budget locations, U.S. locations, beautiful color schemes to go along with your beach wedding, and even Vegas weddings!

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